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One of the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast’s most enjoyable aspects is the garden space. We have three major outdoor gathering areas for your enjoyment. Local wildlife are known to frequent the outdoor spaces. Our gardens are now Certified Wildlife Habitat space as recognized by the National Wildlife Federation.

This bungalow was constructed back in the 1920s when the front porch was an important extension of the living area. Our east-facing front porch is a popular gathering spot for coffee in the early morning sunshine and again in the afternoon shade with a glass of wine. With plenty of comfortable seating, the porch is perfect for reading, visiting with friends, or taking a little nap.

In the southern perennial garden you’ll enjoy a full view of the Wallowa Mountains. Bird feeders bring in a variety of local feathered friends. Water features in the garden provide acoustic and visual interest. Robins favor the basalt rock fountain for their bathing. In summer and fall, this garden is humming with bees and other pollinators.

The northern perennial garden is anchored by an ancient Gravenstein apple tree and a living espalier fence along the sidewalk. Walking paths lead around the bocce court to the picnic table. Many guests like to spend afternoons and evenings here playing bocce or reading under the apple tree. A tiered fountain adds a bubbling backdrop to this garden space.

Not sure you’ll know how to play bocce? Here are the basic rules of the game so you’ll be prepared when you arrive.