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Zoho Music and our Hells Canyon Lodging

It’s been two years since Joachim Becker last visited our Hells Canyon lodging. Last time, the president of New York-based Zoho Music made us a gift of Zoho Music’s upcoming release, Tribute to J.J. Cale.  And just like last time, Joachim’s stay was too short!  We’d love for him to have the opportunity to drive the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway or take a run up to Hat Point for the incredible view.

Zoho Music Celebrando with Hendrik Meurkens Gabriel Espinosa Anat Cohen and Antonio SanchezBut he did leave us with another parting gift.  Zoho Music’s 100th CD release is Hendrik Meurkens and Gabriel Espinosa with Anat Cohen & Antonio Sanchez entitled “Celebrando”.  Release in April 2012, this CD is fresh.  

From the liner notesThe CD gathers the leaders and seven splendid colleagues to investigate 10 succulent Brazilian jazz originals – with a “Yucatecan and “European twist,” say Gabriel and Hendrik – and one classic bolero, all designed to enchant.

Cross your fingers!  I think this one’s headed for a Grammy Award.  At least it’s award-winning here in our Eastern Oregon bed and breakfast kitchen.  The feel of this Portuguese/Spanish styling has me dancing through the dishes!

“Celebrando” is available throughout the US.  Pick up a copy and enjoy the sounds.  You’ll be ready for that trip to Brazil in no time!

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