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Wineries near Joseph Oregon

Don Carlo Vineyard in Milton-Freewater Oregon produces merlot, cabernet sauvignon and an estate chardonnayYou don’t really think about vineyards and wineries near Wallowa Lake or Joseph Oregon.  We’re at 4,200 feet of elevation with a short growing season (USDA Zone 5), so there isn’t much happening with grape growing up here.

But this week we hosted Tim & Lori Kennedy, owners of Don Carlo Vineyard in Milton-Freewater at our Joseph bed and breakfast.  Milton-Freewater is less than two hours drive from Joseph on the way to Walla Walla, Washington.  I’d always thought of Walla Walla as a big wine area, but it turns out that Milton-Freewater is becoming one too!  Tim explained there are currently eleven vineyards in and around Milton-Freewater producing wines and hard cider.  If this area grows like Walla Walla, undoubtedly there will be more.

Tim and Lori are sending us some maps to the wineries, fruit stands and other agritourism sites of Milton-Freewater.  We look forward to giving them to our bed and breakfast guests heading north towards Walla Walla Washington.  It could be that Bill & I need to plan a little getaway ourselves and replenish our bed & breakfast wine cellar!

They didn’t stay at a Wallowa Lake hotel–they stayed at our little Eastern Oregon bed and breakfast–and what a treat for us.  Education about more Eastern Oregon places to experience!

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