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Who is Inside the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast

There are four of us in addition to Heather that keep the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast up and running strong. 

Bill, Heather’s husband, is the primary chef and logistician plus all around handyman.  Bill is a Rotarian and is president-elect fof the Wallowa County Rotary Club #317 (District 5100) for 2009.

Joanna is our stalwart housekeeper–she who keeps everything lovely in the bed and breakfast.

Tiffany is Joanna’s daughter and helps out with the housekeeping when she can.  She’s a sophomore at Joseph High School and hopes to go to Japan next year as part of the Rotary International Youth Exchange Program.

Madigan, our resident feline, has her own opinions about how the Bronze Antler should be run.  She drops in her comments on life, guests, the weather, and what it’s like to be a bed and breakfast cat.

You’ll see comments from each of them listed with “___sends:”
Bill sends:

My contribution to the bed and breakfast revolves around the kitchen.  Heather & I assess the upcoming week’s menu, taking into consideration guests with specific food allergies, religious restrictions or preferences.  We serve breakfast from 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m. to give the early-birds a jump on the day.  Those that want to snooze to the last minute can do that too.  We usually alternate our menu from savory dishes to sweet dishes. 

I am surprised at the number of people who typically start the day with little or no breakfast.  But here at the Bronze Antler, I try to give them a full, balanced and tasty experience.
Joanna sends:

My name is Joanna and I have lived in Wallowa County for 6 years.  I have lived all the way from the base of Chief Joseph Mountain to the Imnaha Canyon where I live now.  I enjoy an orchard with Pears, Apples, Cherries, Plums and Apricots.  I also enjoy a healthy Vegetable Garden every year and my Berry and Flower beds grow bigger each year.

The Imnaha Canyon has many species of wildlife including Bears, Cougars, Coyotes, Turkeys, Deer, Elk and Big Horn Sheep for starters.  The Imnaha River usually has 2 Steelhead seasons a year and this year, 2008, had a very good salmon season.

I am happily married to an avid hunter and fisherman.  I have a 16-year old daughter who is preparing to go to Japan for her Junior  year of school and a 13-year old son who plays defensive nose tackle on the Joseph Oregon Junior High School Football team.

I shot my first Buck Deer this year.  A non-typical 3×4 with double eye guards.  He was HUGE!!  I will be back out hunting with my son at the end of November, trying to bring home a Cow Elk.

I have worked at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast for 4 years.  I have been through interesting upgrades to the rooms and the entire construction of the newest add-ons, the Mirror Lake Suiteand the new private den.  Bill and Heather have proven to be fun and relaxed innkeepers and employers.
Tiffany sends:

Hey everyone. My name is Tiffany and I’ve lived with my Mom in Wallowa County for two years. I am in the 10th grade in Joseph High School and am looking forward to going to Japan in August for Rotary Exchange.

I am currently going into Softball this spring and am making a 4.0 GPA. I’ve been going to school in Joseph Oregon for almost two years and have made many good friends. I am also currently taking AP classes, Algebra 2 and advanced Art.

Madigan sends:

Every bed and breakfast ought to have a cat and I’m the cat-in-charge around here.  So what that I’m the only cat.  Everyone does my bidding, especially the two that live here full-time. 

She prepares my breakfast, then I spend the morning on the back of the couch.  Later, I’ll move to my bed for a late-morning to mid-afternoon nap.  It’s so tiring supervising this place!  In the evening, I’ll be back on my couch on the cushion.  Unless, there’s a guest in the way, then I’ll scowl and make smart remarks until they leave.

I enjoy surfing the Internet (I watch over her shoulder).  I’m also thinking about a literary career but haven’t pursued it yet.  Something about opposable thumbs and keyboards that just doesn’t work that well.

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