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Where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report

Want to know where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report?  It’s the same one we use nearly every day here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and you’ll find it at josephoregonweather.com  

A view to the south from the Joseph Oregon Weathercam showing Mounts Howard, Bonneville & JosephWhy is it so special?  Because you’ll not only find the current weather and the five day forecast, but you’ll also get two live webcam feeds that give you a view of what’s happening to the south (looking toward Wallowa Lake and Chief Joseph Mountain) and to the west (looking farther away at the Wallowa Mountains).   The image here is an example of what you’ll see in daylight hours in the summer.  Since the camera updates regularly even at night, if you’re lucky you might even see the stars or the moon over the Wallowas.

And the site has all the really weather-techie stuff too.  Plus links to regional weather, river water levels, radar, satellite images, etc., as well as road conditions (important for winter driving).

If I were planning an Eastern Oregon vacation, I’d bookmark this site for conditions in Northeastern Oregon.  And if I already had my reservation made at this Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast, I’d consider adding the Joseph Oregon Weather Desktop Gadget to my computer so I can keep track of what’s happening out there in the Wallowa Valley–a good excuse for a daydream about an upcoming trip!

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