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When the Guests are Away the Innkeepers will Play

Bill sends:

No guests in the house.  This was a totally do-nothing-on-schedule day.  Heather&I spent most of the morning in our PJs in our living room enjoying conversation over a cup of hot green tea.  Later we did some research on the Internet and, before the morning got away from us, we finally had some breakfast. 
Our next big event was a walk around Joseph in the snow.  We explored corners of Joseph, Oregon, we had missed.  We walked to the north end of town through the grounds of an old sawmill and walked to Russell Lane near where Judy Bothum’s A Cowboy Riverfront Retreat Bed and Breakfast is located.

We stopped by to visit with some friends and have a cup of coffee, and wound up celebrating a birthday.  The snow continued a slow march downwards all day.

After an hour, we wandered our way back through Main Street Joseph, talking with shop owners and having a very lazy stroll.  Returning to our Joseph lodging, we took a few minutes to relax after our tromp in the cool weather.  Even innkeepers like to stay in the Mirror Lake Suite
We took advantage of our spa tub and soaked away some tired muscles.  Thank goodness Heather remembered the beecrowbee bath salts!

This evening we attended a neighborhood party.  Lively discussion ensued covering the arts, politics, snow, French lessons, kids–no matter what the interest there was a conversation available to cover it.  Food and wine were tasty.  We moseyed home to our icicle-decorated bed and breakfast.

Sometimes even the innkeepers like to kick back and just goof off in Joseph, Oregon.  Madigan would approve (the slug has been sleeping in the bed all day.)

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