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We are proud to be a doily-free lodging alternative!

Proud to be Doily Free! Cast your vote at BetterWayToStay.comAll this kerfluffle about doiles.  We’ve been lambasted with unsolicited emails from the “Crochet for a New Day” Super PAC suggesting we should join the ranks of bed and breakfast inns supporting the motto of “A doily on every nightstand.”

And we’ve seen our share of the opposing “Liberate our Furniture” Super PAC emails urging bed and breakfasts to “eliminate doilies from every bureau in the country.”


Well, we’ve taken our stand.  Here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast we’ve had too many compliments from male guests thanking us over and over for not having a doily in sight.  “I’ve been to so many bed and breakfasts with my wife where I’m afraid to sit on anything, there’s nowhere to set anything down, and the doilies! She did me right by bringing me here!” As far as we’re concerned, doilies are out, romantic getaway is in!

We’re proud to be members of the No-Doily Party, but we know that there’s room in America for the Pro-Doilies too. We encourage you to vote for your party of choice: Doily or No-Doily at the Better Way To Stay website (did I mention that there’s a drawing for a complimentary stay at an inn who shares your convictions?) 

Get out there and vote your choice – Doily or No-Doily.  And we’ll see you No-Doily supporters for your romantic getaway Oregon style and doily-free!


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