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Things to Do near Wallowa Lake in the Winter: Relax!

Wallowa Lake in winter Photo courtesy of Wallowa Lake ResortWhat can you do near Wallowa Lake in the winter?  How about relax a little?  There’s really no Wallowa Lake hotel (the lodge is closed for much of the winter), but just 6 miles away is Joseph Oregon and the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast.

And we love our wintertime guests!  The pace is slower.  Any couple booking a reservation at our Joseph Oregon lodging is bound to be the only couple in the house (besides us, of couse).  Lots of privacyBubble bath refilled daily.  Lots of attention from the innkeepers (if that’s what you want).   Winter rates (lower rates than our high season summer rates for sure).

The solitude of Wallowa Lake in winter is beautiful too.  No crowds.  Wildlife–bald eagles and hawks starting to think about nesting.  Shaggy winter coats on the deer.  Snow on the Wallowa Mountains surrounding Wallowa Lake.  If you’re in the mood, there are hiking trails that are passable with hiking boots (and maybe snow shoes).  If you’re not, walk along the shore of Wallowa Lake and observe daylight on the ice flows.  And if you’re really nuts, jump into Wallowa Lake for your own polar bear swim!

Shops, galleries and restaurants are open in Joseph Oregon and happy to see you.  It’s a different experience being here in winter.  And you have a cozy, comfy room with down comforters and pillows awaiting you.  Shuck your outdoor clothes for our Bronze Antler signature spa robe and slippers.  Make it your own wintertime Joseph Oregon vacation.  It’s a great time to be here!

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