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The Zumwalt Prairie: Part of an Eastern Oregon Vacation

If you’re starting to plan your Eastern Oregon vacation for 2010, let me share with you a wonderful image of the Zumwalt Prairie.  This photo was taken in early July by one of our bed and breakfast guests who was nice enough to share a thumbnail of it with me.  If you’d like to see the dense image, as well as other images from Peter’s Eastern Oregon vacation last July, then you’ll have to visit his website, Raincity Digital Arts.

Zumwalt Prairie courtesy of Raincity Digital Arts

It’s nearly December and Peter’s probably sitting somewhere in dreary Seattle, thinking back on the summer.  If you’re living somewhere dreary and need a shot of landscapes with wonderful scenery, take a look at Peter’s galleries on Raincity Digital Arts.  Gee, while you’re at it, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you ordered one or two. . .

If you’d like to experience the Zumwalt Prairie yourself, think about May/June for wildflowers.  We’ve plenty of reservations available for 2010 at our Eastern Oregon bed and breakfast.  Call us toll-free at 866-520-9769 and we’ll help you plan your vacation.

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