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Slow guest days and maintenance on the private baths

Sawtooth Mountain Room at our Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast.  The window looks north towards downtown and towards Enterprise.  All our upstairs private baths include pedestal sink, Toto toilet and bidet, and a deeper style bath tub with shower fixture.Bill writes: 

Slow guest days gives me an opportunity to do a little maintenance in the private baths of our Joseph bed and breakfast.  Today’s mssion was to replace a ceramic cartridge that was causing a leaky faucet.  An easy job for a professional plumber.

After I enlisted Heather’s aid, it only took us only an hour.  Heather hanging on one end with a wrench and me applying a little muscle.  What a sight. . .

While up close and personal with the sink, I noticed that it’s time to replace the sink caulk.  I decided, “Why not replace the caulk on all three sinks in the upstairs guestrooms?”  Another simple job that only took two hours, and I only have a “little” repair work to do after one of my tools slipped. . .

Keeping up on maintenance in the guestrooms is an ongoing effort.  It’s a lot harder in the summer when our bed & breakfast is so busy.  During the winter, I have the time to make a permanent repair. 

After nine years, I’m very pleased with how well the rooms appear.  It’s a compliment to our guests and our housekeepers, and the contractors who renovated this old bungalow nine years ago.

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