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Rest and Relaxation at our Joseph Oregon Bed and Breakfast

Madigan sends:

Okay already.  So I’m a slug and a cat at the same time.  My observing literacy project at our Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast has taken a downturn.  I’ve been lazy.

But this week made up for it.  We had a guest who came here by herself for a little eastern Oregon vacation–‘said it was more for rest and relaxation.  She has a very busy professional life and needed some time to get away from it all, read a book, take a walk, and slow down for a little while. 

Twilight by Stephenie MeyerShe didn’t even bring a computer with her!  But she did bring a couple of books.  The first one was one in the Twlight sequel.  I approved of her reading something totally entertaining.  She said she wanted to see it before the movie.  Then she switched to E-Myth revisitedsomething that would help her out as a small business owner, the E-Myth Revisited.

Now, that’s a book I could get into, although all the blood ‘n’ stuff in Twilight looked pretty good too.  Can’t be picky about what the guest reads sitting on the couch.

She said she had a good week.  Got plenty of rest.  Lots of relaxation.  And she’s thinkin’ she might want to keep our little Joseph Oregon lodging as a secret getaway for herself.  More people should have the same idea!

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