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Planning your wedding in Joseph Oregon? Planning your wedding at Wallowa Lake?

Thinking about planning your wedding in Joseph Oregon?  We recently hosted a couple that were doing just that–planning their wedding.  They came with the idea that they wanted to be married here in Wallowa County during March, but that was about as far as they’d planned.

A Wedding on top of Mount Howard near Wallowa Lake with the Eagle Cap WildnernessThey hoped to be married near Wallowa Lake on top of Mt Howard.  A lot of people hold their weddings up there at 8,000′ with the glorious Eagle Cap Wilderness in the background.  A lot of people do during the summer, that is.  Everyone rides up on the Wallowa Lake Tramway to the top of Mount Howard.  The Wallowa Mountains form a fabulous backdrop for such a wonderful event.

Since she skis and he snowboards, they had visions of swooshing in to their wedding location with their immediate families waiting for them.  What they didn’t plan on was the fact that the Wallowa Lake Tramway doesn’t open until Memorial Day Weekend.  This time of year the tram is closed and it’s VERY cold up there on the top of Mount Howard!

Enter the innkeeper who knows a bit about wedding locations in Wallowa County.   Since they were planning a small wedding with just immediate family they didn’t need a large place, and they wanted to be outdoors.  And in March–when the weather in Northeastern Oregon could be a sunny 65 degrees or snowing in the mid-20s.

We discussed various possibilities:  Salt Creek Summit snow-park, shores of Wallowa Lake near the Wallowa Lake Lodge (the only Wallowa Lake hotel, but mainly closed in the winter and early Spring). . .

“How about a barn wedding?”  You can be outdoors or indoors (depending on the weather).  You can drive to the wedding location (you’re not dependent on the Wallowa Lake Tramway to get you there).  You’ll be close to support facilities (like heat, changing areas and bathrooms).

So, we sent them off to look at our favorite barn wedding venue about 10 minutes away from our Wallowa Lake lodging out on Prairie Creek.  Nancy and Don allow couples access to their lovely barn in exchange for donations to the nonprofit organizations they support.  Our betrothed couple returned later that day, flush with excitement over their wedding location.  Nancy and Don were very gracious and showed them both the barn and the granary, a smaller building with doors that open out onto the Wallowa Mountains view.  Perfect!

And to top it off, Don will officiate at their wedding!

If you’re looking for a wedding location near Wallowa Lake or Joseph Oregon, be sure to consult with the local innkeepers.  Our couple arrived with a concept and left with a plan.  We’ll be seeing them again in March when they arrive a day early to check on last minute details.  And if you’d like to talk with Nancy or Don about their barn, give us a call here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and we’ll be happy to put you in touch with them.


  1. Joe Whittle says:

    Hi Heather! I see you have a picture of my wedding on your website! Email me and I’ll let you know what my modeling rates are! 😉

  2. Well, Joe–I had no idea you look so good in a suit! The photo’s prominently displayed on the Wallowa Lake Tramway website page for weddings with no mention of who’s in the photograph.

  3. I’m looking for places to get married by the lake with the great mountain scenery behind us, can you help me with this?

  4. Hey Luke: Give us a call at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and we can give you some help. 541-432-0230.

  5. Ed & Tracie says:

    We will be in Joseph 8/15-8/18, we are interested in wedding information, it will just be the two of us. Suggestions?

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