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PAII CEO speaks out about insanity of doing the same thing over and over

Professional Association of Innkeepers International CEO Jay Karen recently posted about the insanity of doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  It was a lead into his blog post encouraging bed and breakfast owners to try new approaches, especially in this uncertain economy.

Jay Karen, CEO of the Professional Association of Innkeepers International“Every business in the hospitality industry to some extent crosses their fingers and hopes the customers keep coming. But crossing fingers is not all that successful businesses do. They try new things. They experiment. They take risks. The reach out to new audiences, who may or may not be receptive. They depart from old ways of doing business.”

–Jay Karen, CEO, Professional Association of Innkeepers International

Here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast we’re always trying new things and seeing what works best for our guests:

  • Conceived, constructed and opened our new Mirror Lake Suite in April 2008 (a major expansion for us, but well received)
  • Replaced our dining room furnishings with more comfortable, usable seating (and more table space for more guests from the new suite)
  • Replaced the pallet of disposable water bottles with a hot/cold bottled water dispenser in the dining room and added new take-home reusable bottles in the guestrooms (we’re into our third water bottle shipment, so the guests are taking them home)
  • Started this Compendium Blogware blog so we can better tell the world about what we’re doing out here in Joseph Oregon and invite them over for a stay (over 60 RSS feeds registered in 2 months–guess there are a bunch of someones who like what we write)
  • Upgraded our in-room amenity line to finer, olive oil based, Italian formulated products (these go out the door too)

We have some plans on the drawing board already for 2009:

  • Planning and starting the new north yard landscape (including Bill’s boule court)
  • Packaging our lodging with local Wallowa County artists and craftspeople who bring in the public for educational programs
  • Attending the PAII 2009 Innkeeping Show and Annual Conference in Atlanta (for more new ideas we haven’t thought of yet)
  • Adding new menu items and food sources

It’s always an adventure being an innkeeper–and we’ve dedicated ourselves to being the best Joseph Oregon lodging we can be here at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast.   Got some ideas of what you think we should be doing?  Let us know–we’re all ears!

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