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Oregon’s 150th Birthday = Valentine’s Day

Madigan sends:

Did you know that Oregon and St. Valentine have something in common?  Both are celebrated on February 14th.  I’m not so big on chololate (it’s a dog thing), but birthdays can be fun.

She says the Oregonian newspaper travel writer Terry Richards is writing a bunch of Oregon150 travel articles in honor of Oregon’s 150th birthday this year.  This one’s about the Northeastern Oregon mountains.

View of Matterhorn Peak in Wallowa Mountains of NE Oregon by Terry Richard.  Photo appears in the Oregonian & Oregonlive.com.

Isn’t he a great photographer too? Terry’s article gives a list of natural wonder things to see and do like visit Hat Point, the highest point in Oregon in Hells Canyon at 6,982 feet, so you can watch the Snake River rapids swirl almost a mile below you. 

He also talks about the Wenaha River down near Troy where 35 moose are now living.  Did you know there are moose in Oregon

And the Zumwalt Prairie where the Nature Conservancy is preserving over 32,000 acres of natural prairie habitat?

All these places to visit not far from little Joseph Oregon. . .Mebbe you need a break this year when the snow starts to melt.  You need to see some of this Wallowa County stuff in the article for yourself.

And while you’re at it come scratch the bed and breakfast cat at the Bronze Antler B&B.  She or He will loan you the maps and hiking guides and tell you how to get there.  I’ll just be cute (yawn).

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