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Of interest to our Bed and Breakfast guests who knit. . .

Here’s an interesting story I found while blog searching.  I also blog for the Oregon Bed & Breakfast Guild on a regular basis and sometimes there’s a story that fits well for both, like this one.

The stop-action animation film “Coraline” was recently released in Portland and Ashland, Oregon, with a big opening night party in Portland.  It’s an Oregon-based film, created by Oregon company Laika and set partly in Ashland.  The story revolves around a little girl who finds a parallel world existing through a door in her apartment. 

Now, I haven’t seen it yet and it’ll probably be awhile before it comes anywhere near Joseph Oregon or Wallowa Lake, but I did read about the tiny, tiny sweaters and mittens used in the film.  Here’s a video interviewing the knitter, Althea Crome, posted by the Oregonian writer Peggy McMullen.  Peggy’s article is more in depth, but the video sums it up beautifully:

Knitting is very popular and many of our guests bring along their knitting to work on in the living room or out on the east-facing porch.  It’s a nice way to wind down after a day at Wallowa Lake or visiting our local shops and art galleries. 

I’m always fascinated by what they do.  Madigan is very fascinated but capable of practicing some restraint.  Thank goodness for that!

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