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Observing Literacy at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast in Joseph Oregon

Madigan sends:

It’s been a little slow here recently.  They went away in the car for a few days so we had no guests, no laptop, no surfing. . .at least Joanna came by to get me my breakfast food out of the refrigerator.

50 Book Challenge Community on LiveJournal.com

But I did find a blogsite just before they left that looks pretty interesting for my literary pursuits.  Looks like a bunch of people that are reading 50 books per year and blogging about them as they go.  It’s called the 50 Book Challenge and it’s a community on Livejournal.com.

Wonder if they’d give a prize to a bed and breakfast cat for observing literacy?
They finally got home last night.  He looks like someone punched him in the face!  They said something about eyelid repair.  I think he’s gonna be okay. . .just a little purple and blue for now.

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