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North Coast Orca I in Western Red Cedar by Michael KellerThis week we are hosting an artist here to do business with Parks Bronze Foundry in Enterprise, Oregon.   Michael Keller is an accomplished woodcarver from Chelan, Washington, who is expanding his artistic pursuits into bronze.  A visit to his website, White Eagle Studios, makes you want to pick up your pocket knife, put a good edge on it, and get started!

He does have a very important disclosure on his website, however:

Important disclosure:  Wood carving and whittling may be habit forming and could prevent you from engaging in household chores and other unpleasant tasks.  Carving is enjoyable and you may be prone to sharing it with others; thus, causing them to experience the same distractions from less pleasant tasks as you may experience yourself.

He chose our Joseph Oregon lodging because (among other things) there are no Joseph Oregon hotels, but also because our bed and breakfast is a very comfortable place to stay.  This week Michael is working with Steve Parks and the Parks Foundry staff to complete his bronzes–choose and apply the patina, mount the bronzes on their bases, and bring his new works to the foundry for transformation into bronzes.  Michael blogged extensively about the process–you can read in depth about the transformation at his blog post, “From Woodcarving to Bronze“.

We’ve not yet seen the bronzes and are looking forward to seeing them before he leaves for Chelan.  Our job is to keep Michael well-fed, well-slept, and well-connected to the Internet so he can concentrate on his work at Parks Foundry.  So far, I believe we’re doing well!

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