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Literary Events in September in Wallowa County Oregon

Madigan sends:

Fishtrap in Enterprise OregonLiterary events in September in Wallowa County Oregon?  Geez, an’ I thought I had the corner on the literary end of Wallowa County with my Observing Literacy program here at the bed and breakfast. 

But she was surfing on my couch today an’ reading her email, and read this from Rick Bombaci, the director at Fishtrap:

“While I was 40 miles north of town, dancing under the moon, those storm clouds were pummeling Enterprise with hail.  But locals shouldn’t complain.  In 1903, a hailstorm led to a flood which devastated the town of Heppner, Oregon, killing one out of five residents. Join us as former journalist Joann Byrd reads from her book, CalamityFriday, September 25th, 7 pm at Fishtrap. Admission is free.

“And on [Wednesday] September 30, R. Gregory Nokes will read from his book Massacred for Gold, The Chinese in Hells Canyon, the first authoritative account of the long-forgotten 1887 massacre of more than 30 Chinese gold miners in Hells Canyon.  Admission is free.”

So there’s still room at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast if anyone wants to come out and attend these Fishtrap events.  I might think ’bout goin’ myself if they’d dare let a cat into a Fishtrap (whatever that is).  An’ the price is right–free!

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