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Lazuli Bunting Makes His Appearance in Eastern Oregon

Lazuli Bunting image copyrighted by Tom Munson as seen on the Idaho Fish & Game websiteI have to say that I saw the bird before she did.  Here we are in mid-June and we saw our first male Lazuli Bunting at the feeder.  Haven’t seen any females yet but they’re not as dramatic as the males.

This is our first sighting of this bird since we started keeping track of what birds are coming to the feeder.  He seems to prefer the cracked corn mix to the sunflower seeds.

What a gorgeous blue color against the backdrop of snow on the Wallowa Mountains!

If part of your romantic getaway Oregon style includes birdwatching, swing by and check out this Lazuli Bunting.  Of course, we don’t know how often he’ll be here, but there are plenty of birds to see in Joseph Oregon and at Wallowa Lake.

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