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Is the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway between Joseph and Halfway open–yes

So here we are, June 8, 2011, and the unofficial word is that Forest Road 39, the center section of the Hells Canyon Scenic Byway, is open to through traffic!

Winding Waters River Expeditions posted this status on their page on Facebook today:
The FS 39 road is open over Salt Creek Summit to Halfway. The crew headed out that direction this morning for our first Hells Canyon multi-day trip. They’re excited to get down there as the wildflowers are BEAUTIFUL right now and 45,000 cubic feet per second flow should provide quite the adventure!

About 4 pm, Jon Rombach reported the following comment in response to the status:
Just got back from the [Hells Canyon] dam over 39 and it looks really good. No down trees, a few little snowy patches up around Wayside, but no big deal. Passenger cars were going over and it’s in good shape.

Well, I can tell you this little Hells Canyon lodging is excited for the news!  We’ve been waiting and waiting for the Hells Canyon Byway to open all the way from Joseph to Halfway for 2011. 

Thanks Winding Waters River Expeditions for spreading the word!

Now, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the road stays open for the rest of the season!

Hells Canyon and Halfway here we come!

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