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Importance of Good Photography

This week our photographer, Marcus Berg, is out for a visit.  Marcus has his own company, Unique Angles Photography, in Keizer, OR.  He was here in June to shoot our nevest guest suite, the Mirror Lake Suite, as well as update other photography of our bed and breakfast.

“Pictures say a thousand words” and it’s definitely true in the lodging industry.  Innkeepers who don’t pay attention to the quality of photos on their websites are asking for problems.  We’ve had guests who’ve told us they chose the Bronze Antler Bed&Breakfast because of our website content and photograpy.  We’ve also had guests who’ve stated that they would not stay at a bed and breakfast if they could not see photos of the rooms on the website before booking their reservation.

Here’s an example of a “before” and “after” shot:

older photo of Chief Joseph Mountain Room at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast in Joseph OregonThis is the “before” image of the Chief Joseph Mountain Room that dates from 2001 when we first opened the bed and breakfast.  It’s not a bad photo per se–but there’s definitely room for improvement.  Some notes: Birds eye view isn’t realistic (who sees a room from the ceiling?).
Light scatter from windows.
Lighting is uneven (single source).
Lack of warmth, drama, interest.

Here’s the “after” image Marcus took in November 2008.
Chief Joseph Mountain Room at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast by Unique Angles Photography
What’s fixed here?  Camera angle is more appropriate to human eye.  Clutter removed from flat surfaces.  The bed is more of a suggestion rather than a dominant element (“Everyone knows what a bed looks like,” says Marcus).  Lit candle, sherry & chocolates draw the viewer into the photo.  Lighting from multiple sources creates warmth and depth of field. The robe hanging in the bath shows the viewer that there’s more going on behind the image.  The pillow in the chair echos the blue color of the tray on the bed.

Thanks to Marcus’ eye and Heather’s set dressing, we’re recreating our website to make it more interesting.  Send in a comment if you’d like to add to the conversation.

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