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If You Don’t Try Mountain Biking on Mt Howard, You’ll Hate Yourself Later

Mount Howard rises up at the southern end of Wallowa Lake in Northeastern Oregon.  From Memorial Day through the end of September each year, the Wallowa Lake Tramway whisks you and your mountain bike up to the top (over 8,000 feet) for the beginning of your ride.

Here’s a recently posted YouTube video of a mountain biker with a chest cam taking you on his trip down the back side of Mount Howard.  The video was taken in September 2010 and posted by Gonkolater in April 2012:  



Planning your Joseph Oregon vacation for the summer?  If you have a decent off-road bicycle, this is something worth considering (downhill most of the way, great scenery, not too hot, etc.).  

At the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast we have storage for your mountain bikes or your road bikes.  And we’re happy to help you figure out the route for returning to Joseph Oregon from your Mount Howard adventure. 


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