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Hells Canyon and Hat Point

Hells Cayon from the Hat Point Lookout near Joseph Oregon.  Photo credit HTGuests staying with us recently wanted to visit Hells Canyon and planned to drive to the Hells Canyon Overlook.   I found a youTube video of the Overlook and blogged about it last August.  It’s a nice drive to get there and a well kept overlook, but the view isn’t as spectacular as that from Hat Point.

Since our guests were driving an extended cab pickup truck, we recommended they visit the Hat Point Lookout instead.  The two couples thoroughly enjoyed the trip and the views.  They intend to return during the summer to see the abundance of wildflowers blooming at Hat Point Lookout and at the Granny Overlook (a scenic stop overlooking the Imnaha River Canyon on the way to Hat Point).

One guest left us with over 300 photos of their day trip to Hat Point Lookout.  This blog post features one to give you an idea of the vastness of the space.  Even in the late autumn, Hat Point Lookout in Hells Canyon is worth the trip!

Our Hells Canyon lodging is about a 2 hour drive from the Hat Point Lookout.  It’s a bit of a distance, but when you’re talking Hells Canyon, most places aren’t very close.  Give us a call toll-free at 866-520-9769 and we’ll be happy to talk with you about places to visit in Hells Canyon.

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