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Guests at our Joseph Oregon Bed and Breakfast

Madigan sends:

Madigan, official bed and breakfast cat at the Bronze Antler B&B in Joseph ORWell, it’s hard to predict just when people are going to show up at the door.  But last night we had guests at our Joseph bed and breakfast.  They weren’t here for the Eagle Cap Extreme Sled Dog Race (currently underway).  They were just looking for a nice place to stay and get out of the cold.

They really liked me.  How can you not like a bed and breakfast cat?  They have cats of their own at home.  I let them scratch under my chin, and she told them if they were to stick a finger in my ear and rub I’d be their friend forever.  How does she know that?

So, I heard that they’re opening a new company in Tigard, Oregon (near Portland).  It’s called “Denture Design” and features “Dentures with a European Touch“–I guess they’d know.  The she-guest said she’s from Prague in the Czech Republic.   I don’t think I’ll ever need dentures myself, but they say that people that have them need a place to get them serviced.  Or even fixed if the dog gets hold of them (yuck!).

So, if you’re in Tigard, stop in and say hello.  The grand opening of Denture Design is Saturday, January 23, 2010.  They said they’ll have all sorts of goodies at the grand opening.  You’ll find them at 13075 SW Pacific Highway in Tigard.  Or call Darrell at 503-443-2325 for directions.  Or email Gita at denturedesign@gmail.com  Hey, they’re nice people.  They like cats!

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