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Book a Trip for Fly Fishing and River Rafting

Madigan sends:

I think I’ve found something to keep me interested when the snowboarding season is over–fly fishing looks really fun.  And river rafting’s got possibilities as long as I don’t fall in (no wet cat jokes please–it’s so cliche).

I read this blog post this morning over her shoulder while she sat on my couch and surfed the Internet.  It was posted by one of the local Joseph Oregon river outfitters, Winding Waters River Expeditions.  There’s even a YouTube video in here of–fish!  Beautiful fish!


My, my.  I had to run for the litter box.  All these fish were just too much excitement for me.

Now, suppose somebody wanted to book a trip with Winding Waters?  They’d need a place to stay before the go, right?  And when they’re done?  How about here at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast?  I’d help–I’d check out their gear before they go.  And when the guests come back, I’d be happy to help count the fish (don’t think the guests would put me in charge of cleaning them).  She said that steelhead season has already started–hope we get some fishing guests soon!

Book your river vacation with Winding Waters River Expeditions in Joseph Oregon

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