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Ferguson Ridge Ski Area photos to whet your appetite for the Wallowa Mountains

Madigan sends:

It’s tough being a bed and breakfast cat and getting disturbed in the middle of my sleep!

She was surfing on my couch again this morning and turned up some Flickr images of people snowboarding and skiing at the Ferguson Ridge Ski Area

They’re all copyrighted images and she’s a stickler about protecting personal rights, so she mumbled something about not including them in blog posts directly, but sending a link is okay:

I especially liked the snowboarding:

The whole group was here:

Gee, I’d love to meet Mr. Chesnimages (TimmTurrentine) and maybe talk her into buying some of his photography.  I’ve seen alot of photos from my couch and these are some of the best action photography.

I hope we get some guests soon that like snowboarding.  I wanna sniff around that equipment at the bed and breakfast–get some more ideas.  [yawn]  Feels like another nap coming on. . .

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