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Eric Taylor in Concert–June 2009 in Wallowa County

So, what do innkeepers do when they’re not running their bed and breakfast?  I’m involved with a few local nonprofit organizations, including the Wallowa Valley Music Alliance.

Eric Taylor photo taken by Marco BakkerI found out at our recent board meeting that Texan songwriter and poet Eric Taylor will perform a concert somewhere here in Wallowa County next June–date probably Wednesday the 19th.  It’s a long way off and the venue is still under discussion, but it’ll be a great opportunity for any Eric Taylor fan to see him in what’ll undoubtedly be a very intimate setting.  On his website there’s a page about his house concerts program.  With any luck he’ll perform in Joseph or up at Wallowa Lake, but we’ll see.  His new CD, “Hollywood Pocketknife,” is up for awards.

The Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast plans to offer some sort of Eric Taylor concert package for lodging and tickets.  If you’re interested, check in with us periodically.  We’ll wait to announce the package until we know more details about the date and venue, ticket pricing, etc.

Now, I didn’t profess to know anything about Eric Taylor’s music at the Music Alliance meeting.  He came with high recommendations from some of my local musician friends.  I took the time this evening to review some of his music on his website and now I’m hooked.  The following is taken from his official website, Blue Ruby Music:

“To say that Eric Taylor is one of the finest writers of our time, would be an understatement,” Nanci Griffith says. “If you miss an opportunity to hear Eric Taylor, you have missed a chance to hear a voice I consider the William Faulkner of songwriting in our current time.” Griffith has recorded several of Taylor’s songs, including “Deadwood,” “Storms,” “Dollar Matinee” and “Ghost in the Music,” which they wrote together. Lyle Lovett, who recorded Taylor’s “Memphis Midnight/Memphis Morning,” and with whom Taylor co-wrote the immensely popular “Fat Babies,” compares Taylor’s narrative voice to that of Bruce Springsteen. Iain Matthews claims, “Once you become a Taylor fanatic, it gives one immense joy and pride to be able to enlighten others to the man’s work.”

That passage gave me immense interest as I’ve been a fan of Lyle Lovett and Nanci Griffith for years.  I’ll need to spend more time exploring Eric Taylor’s music in preparation for his concert in Wallowa County.

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