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Eastern Oregon Vacation for Birdwatching

Image of Black-headed Grosbeak by Evan Davis, NPS, and courtesy of WeForAnimals.com.  One of the birds you can see at our Hells Canyon lodging in Joseph Oregon.Spring is a great time of year for birdwatching in Eastern Oregon.  Many species are on their way back from winter in the south or just passing through on their way north.  And because we’re so far east in Oregon close to Hells Canyon, you’ll see the intercontinental birds that you won’t necessarily find near the Oregon coast.

Bill put up feeders in the south garden last year so guests at breakfast can enjoy birds having their breakfast too.

Who’s on the feeder this week?  We’re seeing our first Black-headed Grosbeaks, both male & female.  The Western Goldfinch and the House Finch have been eating us out of house and home when it comes to sunflower seeds.  Downy (or Hairy–can’t tell them apart) Woodpeckers drop by for a quick bit of suet.  Flickers are also suet fans.

Of course an Eastern Oregon vacation wouldn’t be complete for birdwatching without a trip out to the Zumwalt Prairie.  Plenty of raptors and other species, plus the wildflowers are starting to bloom.  Guests of our Hells Canyon lodging are equipped with maps, binoculars and what-have-you for a visit to the Zumwalt Prairie.  Only about an hour away and Oregon’s largest privately owned nature sanctuary–it’s worth the trip!

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