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Budget Travel Magazine’s Confessions of a Hotel Housekeeper: Joanna’s Reaction

Joanna sends:

Confessions Of… A Hotel Housekeeper

“Instead of Vacuuming, I Picked Up Some Crumbs”

Budget Travel, February 2009 issue

Oh, my gosh, that is just horrid!  Housekeepers who are good at their jobs do make more than minimum wage.  And they do make tips.  Believe it or not, the guests notice whether or not you’ve vacuumed their floor or scrubbed their toilet.

It seems like in a day and age when jobs are so hard to come by that someone should appreciate having one a little more.l

I’m just appalled to think about this article–it just seems disrespectful to me, not to mention the germ factor.  Who knows what germs the guests could pick up if you didn’t scrub the toilet seat.  Eeew!

The attention to detail I pay here at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast is much greater.  It’s true that housekeeping is hard work, but, just like any other job, it deserves your best.  I don’t slack off on my job even if I’m tired or in a less than perfect mood–the job still needs to be done.

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