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Backcountry Ski in the Wallowas of Eastern Oregon

The Wallowa Mountains are picture perfect for backcountry skiing. One of the local outfitters running trips is Wallowa Alpine Huts.  I just couldn’t resist this video from their “WAH TV” channel on YouTube.  Fantastic conditions, great skiers–you’ll notice no one is skiing in anyone else’s tracks.  And where are the crowds?  None.

Early Spring is still time for great skiing.  If you need one more dose of a snowy Eastern Oregon vacation, check out Wallowa Alpine Huts, or check our other blog posts for information on skiing (use the search box at the right).

Lodging options?  You’re not going to find any Joseph Oregon hotels or Wallowa Lake hotels, but the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast is ready to host you at the beginning or end of your backcountry ski trip.

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