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Artists Looking for the Joseph Oregon Hotels

Rollin by Portland Oregon Sculptor Denny BooneIt’s funny how people start looking for Joseph Oregon hotels and wind up at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast.  This week we’ve hosted two artists who are visiting Joseph Oregon regularly.  Denny Boone is currently working with the Valley Bronze Foundry on his bronze sculptures.   Denny and Mari have stayed in at least five different lodging accommodations in and around Joseph Oregon, and they’ve finally found their “home away from home” (so Mari says).

We’ll see them again in a couple of months when Denny’s bronzes reach their next stage of production that needs his hands on input.  We’re hoping to see the finished bronze of this current work, “Rollin” (pictured at left).

Denny and Mari stayed in the Mirror Lake Suite.  Of all our rooms, this suite comes closest to a boutique hotel in terms of its amenities.   Needless to say they’ve reserved the same room for their return visit.  No Joseph Oregon hotels in this town, but the Mirror Lake Suite will definitely work!

We enjoy hosting artists here in our Joseph bed and breakfast.   It’s fun to talk with them about their art and, for the bronze artists in particular, to see their work move from clay or wood to finished bronze sculptures.  See ya soon, Denny & Mari!

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