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And He Doesn’t Do Dogs and Ducks!

"Harvest" 2012 bronze sculpture by Patrick BlytheOne of the really great things about owning a bed & breakfast in Joseph Oregon is meeting artists.  With so many artistic bronze foundries in the area plus drop dead gorgeous scenery, they like coming to Eastern Oregon to work. And we love it when they choose to stay at our Joseph bed and breakfast

This morning Patrick Blythe was at the breakfast table.  Patrick is a glass and (more recently) bronze sculptor, turning out beautiful abstract works from his solar-powered studio in the California desert.  What an engaging individual!  He enjoyed talking about his work and the other guests enjoyed hearing what he had to say and asking questions about how it’s done.  I brought out the laptop so we could look at some of his large installations of glass or bronze.

The one shown here is “Harvest”, a recently completed installation.  To really appreciate this work you need to move around it an enjoy it from all side (easily done at Patrick’s website.)

We didn’t hear much about what he’s working on now (not surprising as artists like to keep that information to themselves until the work is finished).  But he did comment about the Joseph Oregon  foundry casting his work.  He said they’re such nice, friendly people to work with over at Valley Bronze and they really know what they’re doing. He loves coming up here with his abstracts and they don’t give him a hard time because he doesn’t do dogs and ducks (not even abstract ones).

Join us here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast over morning coffee.  You’ll never quite know who you’re going to meet!  

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