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Amenity Not Provided – Screaming Meanie

Ferguson Ridge Room bath at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph OR is comparable to any Joseph Oregon hotels or Wallowa Lake hotel bathOne thing guests here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast often comment about is the attention to detail found at our Joseph Oregon lodging.  When you check in you’ll find pretty much everything you’ll need from high end toiletries, comfy spa robes and slippers, a blow dryer, magnifying make up mirror, corkscrew and hand-painted wine glasses, to more items we won’t mention here (except for the rubber ducky and the bubble bath).

But the one thing you definitely will never find at our Eastern Oregon bed and breakfast is a Screaming Meanie.  In fact, I’d never even seen one of these obnoxious devices until today when a departing guest pulled one out of his luggage.  He works from home and consults with people internationally and therefore sometimes has to wake up at odd hours.  This device, he says, ensures he will. And he demonstrated it for me at the 120 dB level–think “smoke detector” and you’re right up there with what this little box can do.

My only question was whether or not the thing will tolerate being thrown across the room into the wall.  Apparently it does, however, hitting the wall won’t lower volume setting.  He told me it does have two quieter settings (including one close to the level of typical conversation) so perhaps it does have some redeeming features.

If you haven’t seen one of these (or worse yet, heard one), I found an amusing little video displaying the power of the full-strength Screaming Meanie:

Like I said, you won’t find one of these nasty little devices in our excellently appointed guestrooms. And if you choose to bring one with you on your Joseph Oregon vacation, please don’t set it at full power!

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