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Adding Arrowhead Chocolates to your Romantic Getaway Oregon style

We’ve something new to offer to your romantic getaway Oregon style–Arrowhead Chocolates.   Don’t try looking for their website or a Facebook page just yet (they don’t have either), but the chocolates are extraordinary.

Arrowhead Chocolates at your romantic getaway Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph OregonErica’s making artisinal truffles and other delectables up on Alder Slope, the high ground between Enterprise and Joseph Oregon.  Dark chocolate?  Milk chocolate?  She’s got both and developing new flavors regularly.  Dipped caramel or ginger pieces, hazelnut clusters, mocha truffles. . .the list is ever growing.

Just recently we hosted guests at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast that requested specialty chocolates.  He’d been fishing all day.  He wanted to give his wife really, really good milk chocolates as part of his thank you.  At prices over $20/pound these chocolates aren’t inexpensive, but she was very appreciative. 

If you’re planning your romantic getaway Oregon style and want to add a little extra, talk to us about Arrowhead Chocolates.  We’ll be happy to have them in your guest room and awaiting your check in.  And Erica will thank you too!

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