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A Special Order Breakfast To Be Proud Of

Bob's Red Mill Steel Cut OatsIt’s not often that we get a special request for breakfast. Our typical rotation of “sweet” breakfast one day and “savory” breakfast the next satisfies the majority of our guests.  But every now and then a repeat guest asks for something special on the menu.  Since it was his birthday and there were no other guests scheduled into our bed and breakfast that morning we were happy to honor the request (of course, his wife was more than happy with the breakfast we’d planned).

And what was it the birthday boy wanted for his special meal?  Steak and eggs?  Waffles and whipped cream?  How about steel cut oats with all the fixings?  YES!!!

A comment from the Mirror Lake Suite guest journal after their departure:

Wonderful bed!  Wonderful breakfast!  Isn’t that what it’s all about?  And. . .in Heather’s absence, Bill did ALL the breakfast — including the steel cut oats. . .and ’twas GR8!

I’m sorry I don’t have a photo of that special oat breakfast (I was away from our Joseph Oregon lodging that week), but rest assured that Bob’s Red Mill award-winning Steel Cut Oats played a prominent role in satisfying the birthdays boy’s special request.  

And if you’re thinking about asking for steel cut oats during your stay, we always keep a supply of Bob’s Red Mill in the larder.  You just never know when a guest is going to have oats on his mind!


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