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A cheesy blog post from your favorite Joseph Oregon lodging

Madigan sends:

Okay, this is just too cheesy not to blog about.  it’s not just mice that love cheese.  Everyone knows that dogs (ugh) love cheese.  And cats love it too.  She was on my couch again this morning watching a video about Tillamook cheese–that got me interested.  Looks like they’re takin’ these funny little chopped up VW buses an’ dressed ’em up like Baby Loaf Tillamook an’ they’re drivin’ them around the country getting people to sample Tillamook cheese.  Something about a “Loaf Love Tour“–I dunno.  I’m just a bed and breakfast cat.  But I know what I like.

Now, if’n you came to your favorite Joseph Oregon lodging, you might even get some of this cheese.  He uses Tillamook cheese around here all the time.  He even blogged about it–bragging on his hash browns.  If’n you stay here at our Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast he’ll probably put Tillamook cheese in your omlette.  He might sprinkle Tillamook cheese on your pear or mix it in your hash brown bake. 

An’ the best part, he might just leave a little Tillamook cheese out for his favorite bed and breakfast cat when he’s all through!  I love the stuff!

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