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Another Wedding Venue Suggestion for Wallowa Lake and Joseph Oregon Area

Wallowa Buddhist Temple near Joseph OregonLately I’ve been offering ideas about where to hold your wedding at Wallowa Lake or Joseph, Oregon.   There are some new venues as well as some established locations that you can read about in previous blog posts on the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast blog.  Here’s another one I haven’t mentioned previously.

The Wallowa Buddhist Temple is located outside of Joseph, OR, on a rural 5-acre property near Hurricane Creek.  Set back amidst the pine and aspen trees in the Wallowa Mountain foothills, the temple is a quiet retreat location and suitable for small weddings. The temple follows the Serene Reflection Meditation (Soto Zen) tradition of Buddhism.

Reverend Meido Tuttle, assisted by Reverend Clairissa Beattie, are the resident monastics at this small, contemplative Buddhist temple.  You can reach Rev. Meido via the temple’s website contact page or by calling her directly at (541) 432-6129.

We make it a point to visit the temple each year on New Year’s Day to help ring in the new year.  Rev. Meido and Rev. Clairissa are happy to have visitors at the temple and are so welcoming of everyone.  If you are considerng an intimate wedding in Northeastern Oregon, or are followers of the Buddhist traditions, then perhaps this temple would be a good choice for you.

Rare Little Bunting seen in Joseph Oregon!

Image of retro man with binoculars courtesy of Clipart by Picsburg at http://free.clipartof.com/This morning I took a same-day reservation from a Portland, Oregon-based birder who is coming out today on short notice to see a bird.  Apparently a Little Bunting was found here in Joseph Oregon over the past few days.  Looking at the ABA Birding News, it appears this Siberian bird has only been seen twice in the continental United States, both times in California.  What a great find right here in Eastern Oregon!  For a look at this bird, here’s a nice photo from the Surfbirds website. For an image of this specific bird, here’s a link to Trent Bray’s birdlist (with photo) from January 29, 2013.

There is a lot of chatter (twitter, perhaps?) on the ABA website about people wanting to come to Joseph this weekend to look for the Little Bunting, which has been seen about 3 blocks from our Joseph bed and breakfast on neighborhood feeders. Some birds from Montana are even considering a trip.

If you do decide to make the trek to Joseph Oregon, allow us locals to offer a few suggestions:

  1. Check the weather.  The forecast through the weekend is looking pretty good with highs in the 30s and lows in the teens.  Our favorite website (including webcams) is www.josephoregonweather.com
  2. Check the roads.  And be sure to bring a vehicle with traction tires or carry chains!  Always a good idea in Northeastern Oregon in the winter.  The Oregon Department of Transportation website is www.tripcheck.com
  3. If you plan to fly commercially, the closest airports are Lewiston, Idaho (LWS) about 2 hours away, or Pasco, Washington (PSC) about 3 hours away.  Some people have commented that the road south from Lewiston to Joseph is too bad to drive.  Many of us here would beg to differ.  Just take your time and don’t plan to speed.  Parts of WA-129 and OR-3 are pretty twisty.  Slow down for the curves and you’ll eventually get here.  Best to do in daylight hours.
  4. If you need a place to stay, we do have some lodging still available here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast.  Call us at 541-432-0230 or book online. You’ll also find a motel here in town and another bed & breakfast.  Otherwise, plan to stay in Enterprise.  You can find more lodging options via the Wallowa County Chamber of Commerce’s website.

Of course, we keep our bird feeders full here outside out dining room window.  With any luck, that bird’s going to expand its range a little and cross over Main Street to our location!



And He Doesn’t Do Dogs and Ducks!

"Harvest" 2012 bronze sculpture by Patrick BlytheOne of the really great things about owning a bed & breakfast in Joseph Oregon is meeting artists.  With so many artistic bronze foundries in the area plus drop dead gorgeous scenery, they like coming to Eastern Oregon to work. And we love it when they choose to stay at our Joseph bed and breakfast

This morning Patrick Blythe was at the breakfast table.  Patrick is a glass and (more recently) bronze sculptor, turning out beautiful abstract works from his solar-powered studio in the California desert.  What an engaging individual!  He enjoyed talking about his work and the other guests enjoyed hearing what he had to say and asking questions about how it’s done.  I brought out the laptop so we could look at some of his large installations of glass or bronze.

The one shown here is “Harvest”, a recently completed installation.  To really appreciate this work you need to move around it an enjoy it from all side (easily done at Patrick’s website.)

We didn’t hear much about what he’s working on now (not surprising as artists like to keep that information to themselves until the work is finished).  But he did comment about the Joseph Oregon  foundry casting his work.  He said they’re such nice, friendly people to work with over at Valley Bronze and they really know what they’re doing. He loves coming up here with his abstracts and they don’t give him a hard time because he doesn’t do dogs and ducks (not even abstract ones).

Join us here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast over morning coffee.  You’ll never quite know who you’re going to meet!  

A New Wedding Venue in Joseph Oregon / Wallowa Lake Area

Josephy Center for Arts and Culture in Joseph Oregon is a perfect wedding venueWinter seems to be the time that many brides are planning their upcoming weddings.  We have a new venue available right here in Joseph Oregon: the Josephy Center for Arts and Culture.  This building is located right on Main Street at the north end of Joseph (on the way to Enterprise), about a 10 minute drive from Wallowa Lake.  

Yes, it has a lot of angles to the roof line, which makes for some interesting spaces inside.  Big wedding?  Go for the Gold Gallery on the main floor (seats up to 250) with catering kitchen conveniently located nearby.  Intimate wedding?  Consider the upstairs Loft with space for 20. The Center also features large bathrooms and other rooms suitable for changing clothes, and there’s space in the basement for dancing too.

You can learn more about the facility by clicking here or by calling the Center Director, Lyn Craig, at 541-432-0505.

Mirror Lake Suite at our Joseph Oregon lodging can make for a perfect wedding night or honeymoonWe hope you’ll consider this new venue for your Eastern Oregon wedding.  And if you’re looking for a romantic wedding night location, the Mirror Lake Suite here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast has much of what you might be looking for–private entrance, spa-style bath, king-sized poster bed under a 14′ vaulted ceiling and plenty of privacy.  Our other three guestrooms are far away from the Mirror Lake Suite, so you could even bring along your friends & family if you’re so inclined.  Summer wedding weekends are starting to book so call us soon!

We Fell Into the Waterpark And We Couldn’t Get Out

Sani-jet Corner Jetted Bath for Two in the romantic Mirror Lake Suite of the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph OregonThe guests arrived at the breakfast table this morning with one comment: “We fell into the waterpark and we couldn’t get out.”

Some days are like this.  The spa bathroom of the Mirror Lake Suite here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast is a big attraction.  From the Wasauna steam shower to the Sani-jet pipeless jetted corner bath tub for two, it’s a romantic getaway Oregon style for many of our guests.

And if they do make it out of the waterpark, chances are good they’re bundled up in the oversized Turkish towels or else cozied up in the fleece-lined microfiber signature bathrobes.  Hard to say.

With an interior window between the spa bathroom and the bedroom area, guests can view the Wallowa Mountains while soaking in the bubbly.  That’s one of the nice things about this remarkable tub–since it doesn’t pull air, it doesn’t overflow with bubble bath, so you can use as much as you’d like of the bubble bath we supply (or bring your own).

And the tub makes for a great place to relax while observing your companion experimenting with all the controls in the steam shower.  Can be pretty entertaining at times!

When you’re ready for your own private spa experience, whether or not you get lost in the waterpark, give us a call.  

And the guest’s parting comment today? “We didn’t drown in the waterpark, but we sure had fun!”

2013 Ideas for planning your wedding at Wallowa Lake or Joseph Oregon

A springtime view of Chief Joseph Mountain from the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast in Joseph Oregon.  The Mt Joseph Ranch lies at the foot of this mountain in the upper Wallowa Valley.Back in March 2010 I wrote a blog post about planning your wedding in Joseph Oregon or at Wallowa Lake (you can read that post in full here.  It’s amazing how many people have read that post!  Nancy’s blue barn and the Wallowa Lake Tramway are still very nice locations for a Wallowa Couny Wedding and we’ve hosted guests who’ve participated in weddings in these venues..

Here’s another great wedding venue that keeps a website with plenty of great photos and information for wedding planning out here in Eastern Oregon.  The Mt Joseph Ranch is located south of Joseph but on the west side of the west moraine of Wallowa Lake in an extremely picturesque setting.

From the website:

The Mt. Joseph Ranch provides majestic landscapes for your wedding. Whether you choose to have your wedding in a magnificent forest setting, the outdoor amphitheater, log mess hall, horse barn, in a grassy meadow or atop the moraine overlooking Wallowa Lake, the Ranch will provide the perfect setting for your wedding. The natural, serene setting of the guest ranch will create memories that will last a lifetime.

The website itself can be a little difficult to navigate (be sure to look at each area–the ranch, the barn, the event facilities–in order to get a complete picture. 

And another bonus is links to some of the photographers and caterers in the area who would be more than happy to help with your wedding!

Here at our Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast we’re happy to help steer you toward the resources you might need for your wedding planning.  And we can provide lodging for your wedding guests, or perhaps for the bride and groom in our over-the-top Mirror Lake Suite.  Please feel free to contact us if we can help.

Amenity Not Provided – Screaming Meanie

Ferguson Ridge Room bath at the Bronze Antler Bed and Breakfast in Joseph OR is comparable to any Joseph Oregon hotels or Wallowa Lake hotel bathOne thing guests here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast often comment about is the attention to detail found at our Joseph Oregon lodging.  When you check in you’ll find pretty much everything you’ll need from high end toiletries, comfy spa robes and slippers, a blow dryer, magnifying make up mirror, corkscrew and hand-painted wine glasses, to more items we won’t mention here (except for the rubber ducky and the bubble bath).

But the one thing you definitely will never find at our Eastern Oregon bed and breakfast is a Screaming Meanie.  In fact, I’d never even seen one of these obnoxious devices until today when a departing guest pulled one out of his luggage.  He works from home and consults with people internationally and therefore sometimes has to wake up at odd hours.  This device, he says, ensures he will. And he demonstrated it for me at the 120 dB level–think “smoke detector” and you’re right up there with what this little box can do.

My only question was whether or not the thing will tolerate being thrown across the room into the wall.  Apparently it does, however, hitting the wall won’t lower volume setting.  He told me it does have two quieter settings (including one close to the level of typical conversation) so perhaps it does have some redeeming features.

If you haven’t seen one of these (or worse yet, heard one), I found an amusing little video displaying the power of the full-strength Screaming Meanie:

Like I said, you won’t find one of these nasty little devices in our excellently appointed guestrooms. And if you choose to bring one with you on your Joseph Oregon vacation, please don’t set it at full power!

Reserve Now for Your New Years Eve Celebration!

The Alibis Band is based in LaGrande Oregon and plays original Americana, rock and bluesLooking for something to do on New Year’s Eve?  Here’s a great feel good idea. . .

New Year’s Eve in Wallowa County, Oregon, just got kicked up a notch. The Alibis will be performing New Year’s Eve at the AAUW New Year’s Eve fundraiser party!   For the 2012-2013 New Year the party’s happening at the Elks Club in Enterprise, Oregon–only a 10 minute drive away from the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast.

Details are still unfolding, but there will be food, a cash bar and plenty of great dancing music.  The Wallowa Branch of the American Association of University Women uses this annual party to fund its programs, including scholarships offered to women wanting to go to college long after the high school graduate scholarship opportunities are past.

The Alibis Band plays rock and blues plus many original Americana songs.  Most songs are written by singer-songwriter Janis Carper or Jerry Smith.  You can listen to an MP3 clip of their music here. This band performs in many venues around Eastern Oregon and has quite a local following.

Want to dress up?  Dress down?  Anything goes in Eastern Oregon in the winter.  Just  wear your outside shoes from the car to the Elks Club door–probably too much snow & ice for those pretty stilletto shoes.

So, you get a stellar evening and support a good cause too!  We still have rooms available at our Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast.  Hope to hear from you soon!

Picture Perfect Landing at the Joseph State Airport

We’re wrapping up the Bronze Blues & Brews Festival 2012 here in Joseph Oregon.  Two sets of guests flew themselves & their spouses to Joseph State Airport (also knows as KJSY) in their private aircraft.  We were fortunate enough that one guest, Ken, took a short video on his phone of Chris making a picture perfect landing on Saturday morning before the festival started..  

Joseph State Airport was renovated within the last couple of years and has new paving on the taxiway and the parking skirt.  It’s a short distance from Joseph Oregon and we provide complimentary transportation for our pilot bed & breakfast guests and their passengers.

I particularly like the eagle cry in the video right before Chris’ plane comes into view.

If you’re looking for Eastern Oregon lodging near a remote airport, our bed and breakfast might be a good one for you to consider.

Where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report

Want to know where to find the best Joseph Oregon weather report?  It’s the same one we use nearly every day here at the Bronze Antler Bed & Breakfast and you’ll find it at josephoregonweather.com  

A view to the south from the Joseph Oregon Weathercam showing Mounts Howard, Bonneville & JosephWhy is it so special?  Because you’ll not only find the current weather and the five day forecast, but you’ll also get two live webcam feeds that give you a view of what’s happening to the south (looking toward Wallowa Lake and Chief Joseph Mountain) and to the west (looking farther away at the Wallowa Mountains).   The image here is an example of what you’ll see in daylight hours in the summer.  Since the camera updates regularly even at night, if you’re lucky you might even see the stars or the moon over the Wallowas.

And the site has all the really weather-techie stuff too.  Plus links to regional weather, river water levels, radar, satellite images, etc., as well as road conditions (important for winter driving).

If I were planning an Eastern Oregon vacation, I’d bookmark this site for conditions in Northeastern Oregon.  And if I already had my reservation made at this Joseph Oregon bed and breakfast, I’d consider adding the Joseph Oregon Weather Desktop Gadget to my computer so I can keep track of what’s happening out there in the Wallowa Valley–a good excuse for a daydream about an upcoming trip!