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Want to know a bit more about your hosts? We came to the Wallowa Valley because it’s beautiful and because it’s small business friendly. While we are passionate about innkeeping and hosting our wonderful guests, we also love to do things outside of the house and gardens. Heather plays oboe and English Horn with the Grande Ronde Symphony Orchestra, the Oregon East Symphony and the Wallowa Valley Orchestra. Plus she’s been seen in various pick up groups with instruments in hand. Bill is the Risk Manager/Quality Improvement Director for Wallowa Memorial Hospital and a member of the Wallowa County Rotary Club.

Our latest avocation is SCUBA diving.  We’re still searching Wallowa Lake hoping to find Wally, the Wallowa Lake Monster. Don’t get us started unless you want to hear about where we are when we’re not at the bed and breakfast. Bonaire, Turks and Caicos Islands, Caymans. . .and soon we’ll be adding the Maldives to the list of places we’ve been for SCUBA.

We both volunteer quite a bit too–everything as members of the local Hurricane Creek Grange to regional healthcare boards. Although we are both military retirees, we’re far from retired!

Our bed & breakfast wouldn’t be as lovely as it is without our lead housekeeper, Gloria. She keeps this place in tip top shape. Don’t get in her way or you might get run over or folded in a sheet.

The Bronze Antler’s Official Greeter is kinky-tailed Madigan. She was Heather’s retirement gift from Madigan Army Medical Center at (now) Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington. Over the years she’s gone from feral kitten to a rather pleasant housecat. You’ll typically find her on the couch or in the garden, but you’ll never find her in your guestroom. And please remember to do whatever she wants when she’s standing by the front door (in or out).